Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The “New Talkies” of the last decade have been defined as “DIY (Do It Yourself) Cinema” “Bedhead Cinema”, and the most known (and resented) “Mumblecore”, This sudden New American Independent movement emphasized what Dennis Lim, of the New York Times, called “a low-key naturalism, low-fi production values and a low-volumechatter” and each of these overlooked works displayed an intimate courage to tell very fragile and human stories, something that was very refreshing when compared to to contemporary Hollywood narratives of the new millenium.


DIRECTOR:   Tom Quinn
YEAR:    2008
FORMAT:   digital
ASPECT:         1.33
RT:                  85 min
Two siblings in Philadelphia contemplate the effects of their parents divorce while the family prepares for the Mummer's New Year Parade.


YEAR:    2009
FORMAT:   digital
ASPECT:   1.78
RT:        86 min
A stark, haunting portrait of childhood following two runaway 
siblings as they try to survive on the wintry plains of 
the great southwest


DIRECTOR:   Gabriel Fleming
YEAR:              2001
FORMAT:       digital
ASPECT:         1.33
RT:                   100 min
Maria obsessively crushes on the cool-kid Keith, Emma 
swallows her feelings for Maria, and two time travelers 
attempt to save the world from millenial apocalypse.

Monday, November 22, 2010


If you feel like having a brief respite from all the holiday hullabaloo craziness, come join OCN

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18TH for the Winter Screening Event!

We'll be nice and cozy and safe from the cold, inside the Kerr Auditorium in Downtown OKC.

Programming and ticket information coming real soon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

We know it was really cold in there, but...

A really super humongous thanks goes out to everyone who showed up for our very first screening!  We know we were competing with a lot of different events, but all the guys and gals who showed up and hung out and watched some great flicks with us get great big virtual hugs.  You all have been promoted to OCN Super Friend Status.  Details regarding this status are forthcoming.  We really hope to see you all again at our next event in December, and we hope even more people come out and join the excitement! 
See our facebook page for more photographic evidence of the fun.