Friday, October 29, 2010


It's almost tomorrow.  

You know what that means.  

If you don't, we'll tell you. 

It's the inaugural screening event for local organization OKLAHOMA CINEMA NIGHTS!  We're showing two great films for you to enjoy on All Hallows' Eve Eve, and we'd love it if you'd come out and help us celebrate our very first event EVER!   Details in red!

(Sidenote: We ran through the THE SHINING print today.  It looks cool.  Really cool.  Really, really cool.  We're so excited there is no adjective for it.  You might be able to come up with one, but we've had a long day.) 

30 OCTOBER 2010

123 Robert S. Kerr Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK


COST - $6.50
CASH ONLY (small bills please).

8:00PM - BLACK SABBATH (UNRATED (but it's pretty PG)) 92 min, Mario Bava, Italy, 1963, Digital

Following BLACK SABBATH there will be a 20-minute intermission, during which we will feature trailers from local filmmakers.

AT OR AROUND 10:00PM - THE SHINING (Rated R) 142 min, Stanley Kubrick, USA, 1980, 16mm

Please Note:

We will provide some snacks and drinks, such as Hot Cocoa, Soda Pop, Popped Corn, Punch In A Bowl, Candy, and/or Chips And Salsa.

HOWEVER there will be NO food or drink allowed in the auditorium.  There is also NO SMOKING.  All food and drink must be consumed in the lobby.  All cigarettes must be consumed outside.  Please help us keep this location looking great so we can use it again.

During INTERMISSION, you may leave the auditorium for snacks, bathroom, etc., but to re-enter you must present the ticket you will receive when you pay.

If you just want to come for ONE or THE OTHER film ONLY, you still must pay $6.50. 

There will be a coat closet for coats.

***Just a few more logistics***

The Kerr Auditorium is located on the corner of Broadway and Robert S. Kerr in Downtown OKC.  There is no charge for parking on the streets surrounding the auditorium.  There is a lot of construction going on right outside/around the location, so we will have signs posted to help you find your way, should you get lost.  Basically, the auditorium is located between Dean A. McGee and Robert S. Kerr on Broadway on the west side of the street.  If you're walking, you'll see steps leading into an open corridor just north of Robert S. Kerr Ave.  Go into this corridor.  We'll be there, on your left.  You'll probably also see our signs.  And us.  There's another entrance from McGee, but it's weird because you have to walk through a plywood-walled walkway.  We'll still be there at the end of your journey, even if you come from this direction.  

Did we mention we're really excited?  We are.  We have pamphlets.  FREE pamphlets.  And FREE food.  And (nearly) FREE fun!

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